Adult Services

Fatherhood FIRE – Family-focusedInterconnected, Resilient, and Essential (Fatherhood FIRE) is our responsible fatherhood and healthy relationship project.

We welcome all fathers who are interested in learning new ways to engage with their children and communicate better with their co-parent or partner.  Classes are offered weekday mornings and evenings, virtually or in person; based on the fathers’ availability to attend.

Upon successful completion of the FIRE workshops, our Members are eligible for gift cards, 50% reduction in Milwaukee Co. child support arrears interest owed to the state, assistance with driver’s license issues and employment assistance.

Fatherhood FIRE is open to anyone from the community, including those who are recently released from incarceration and sex offenders.

FIRE Flyer

Windows to Work (W2W)

Partnering with Employ Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, we provide cognitive skills-based education to individuals releasing from Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility or Racine Correctional Institution to the Milwaukee area. CFSS integrates the use of evidence-based curricula with a variety of strategies including:

  • Tools that lead to conflict reduction, positive relationships and communication skills
  • The ability to recognize and positively respond to their risk-taking thoughts and actions
  • Job readiness and career advancement services
  • Support services to promote smooth reintegration.

Unlocking Networks-Osh Kosh

Delivers a Comprehensive Adult Reentry Program, to 150 high-risk men ages 18 and older, releasing from Oshkosh Correctional Institution into Milwaukee, WI designed to reduce recidivism for individuals who are high risk, based on the results of the COMPAS assessment or convicted of/or with a history of violent offense convictions. This program  integrates core strategies of Cognitive Based Healthy Relationship Education, Behavioral Work Readiness Development, Parenting, Mentoring & Holistic Case Management.

Motivated to Apprenticeship Pathways

In partnership with Employ Milwaukee and funding through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration CFSS provides essential skills training (employment and soft skills) and case management to youth ages 18-24 who have been involved with the criminal justice system through previous incarceration, court-ordered supervision, alternative sentencing, or through a diversion agreement to avoid prosecution. Members are paid while in training and are connected with credentialed trainings in an industry of their choice. Members are also given assistance with driver’s license recovery and other legal issues if necessary. CFSS Member Services Coordinators also provide job placement assistance.

Journey 2 Unlocking My Potential

CFSS in partnership, with local manufacturing companies provides 150 individuals with employment training in the areas of Basic Math & Measurement, Safe Working Behaviors, Proper Personal Protective Equipment, Workplace Ethics/Communication, Conflict Resolution & Basic Computer Skills.

To learn more about CFSS’s Adult Services, contact Tanya Williams at 414-270-4631.