The Center for Self-Sufficiency, Inc. (CFSS) is a Milwaukee-based nonprofit organization. We provide family-strengthening programs to youth and adults to assist them in developing healthy life skills (attitudes and behaviors) and making choices that will have long-term positive effects on them, their families, and society.

We offer programs and services such as:

  • Healthy Relationship Education
  • Financial Health Coaching
  • Holistic Case Management
  • Group and 1:1 Mentoring
  • Career Readiness
  • Fatherhood & Family Strengthening
  • Mediation


Mission, Vision, Values & History


To provide a foundation for people to actualize their hope and motivation to access a good life.


Community revitalization through individual transformation.


Flawless Integrity; Evolve Immediately; Realization of Power; Audacious Hope


CFSS was founded in 1997 as an intermediary consulting firm to strengthen nonprofit capacity, and subsequently incorporated as a nonprofit service delivery organization in 2005. CFSS has 19 years of experience in developing, operating, and evaluating programs to strengthen families in the areas of teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationship education, youth character development, mentoring, fatherhood, workforce development, and reentry services. The majority of individuals served by CFSS are low-income African-American and Hispanic families living in the Greater Milwaukee Region and Southeastern Wisconsin.