Healthy Relationship Education

healthySince 2006, CFSS has offered Healthy Relationship Education and Healthy Marriage Education to individuals who are economically disadvantaged and at higher risk for negative relationship outcomes.

Under its Vow to Succeed program, CFSS facilitates a variety of evidence-based curricula for youth and adults in schools, after-school settings, community and faith-based settings, and in correctional centers. The educational programs – which can be from 8 to 16 lessons/hours in length – are offered in a series of classes in either a one-hour session once a week or a two-day focused weekend retreat.

Youth Education

  • Guidance on navigating the world of teen relationships
  • Lessons in self-awareness, future direction, and planning
  • Topics such as maturity, goal-setting, peer pressure, date violence prevention, communication and conflict management
  • Topics such as attractions, infatuation, intimacy, and realistic concepts of love
  • The nature of romantic attractions
  • How to build healthy relationships

Adult Education

  • Relationship skill-building
  • Healthy decision-making
  • Development of sustainable and healthy marriages and relationships that benefit individuals and their children
  • Lessons in communication, conflict management, commitment, expectations, emotional and physical safety, and effects relationship choices have on children

To learn more about bringing healthy relationship and/or healthy marriage education to your classroom, community club or church group, contact Tanya Williams at 414-270-4631.